Well, that was just awkward...

A sexually awkward moment during a Fox 9 newscast in Duluth was recently featured during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Sports anchor Sam Ali was wrapping up a sports segment about a soccer game ending in a tie when things just got...weird.

"So hopefully they don't tie again, because no one likes ties...I mean, I like bow ties."

At this point, eight-year veteran Dan Hanger attempts some weak banter, commenting on the bowtie Ali is himself sporting.

"Looks like you got a new one...you look like a birthday present and all that."

It should have ended there. But it didn't.

Ali continues, "Thank you so -- you wanna open me? Find out what's in?"

And things just continued spiraling uncomfortably out of control.

"It's cold, and I don't know," Hanger fumbles, "I guess no comment."

Jumping in, third anchor Nikki Davidson saves the moment, "I think it's just best we go. We'll be right back."

After showing the clip to his audience, Fallon jokes on Davidson's behalf, "Coming up, I apply for a new job at a different station."

Watch the clip for yourself below:

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