Are you a horror movie fan? Or does the thought of running into Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th send shivers down your spine? It turns out the hockey mask wearing nightmare lives at the bottom of a lake in Crosby, MN. Artist Curtis Lahr built a realistic replica of Jason, machete and goalie mask in all, and then put him 120 feet down in a lake. But why?!


The answer to that can be found at the end of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, where an adult Tommy Jarvis gets rid of Jason Voorhees by literally chaining him to the bottom of Crystal Lake. So Curtis Lahr just did what he felt as right and brought that terrifying thought to the real world. To me the whole thing sounds like a cruel joke. The lake that the statue is in is a popular diving one in the Crosby area, and the statue was originally put in the lake back in 2014. The story of the scary movie salute is making rounds on the internet once again, just as a refresher for all of our nightmares. Check out the original video of it below, as well as what it looks like after a few years of Minnesota lake wear and tear!

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