And another retailer bites the dust. Things haven't looked good for brick-and-mortar retailers over the last several years. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be changing either.

We've seen the downfalls of some greats like Sears (remember when you could look at clothes while your dad was mesmerized by the tool section?), Bed Bath & Beyond (the place you probably did your wedding registry), and Francesca's. And that's just naming a few. There are so many others.

The latest retailer to file bankruptcy and join that list is the clothing store Express. This place used to be the go-to for work attire or a nice night out. But in a world of fast fashion with a smaller price tag, it seems those days are over.

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What Does Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Mean for Express?

The retailer, which also includes Bonobos and UpWest, will close over 100 stores. USAToday says they plan to close about 95 Express retail locations and all of the UpWest stores. Closings will take place over 30 states including Washington D.C., at locations found here. Chances are you've already seen the closing sales at your local store though.

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What Other Companies Could File Bankruptcy in 2024?

According to RetailDive, there are several other organizations that could potentially file for bankruptcy this year. Those include: Rent The Runway, Sleep Number, Peloton, Beyond Meat, and more.

As we previously mentioned, we've seen a lot of retailers be forced to file bankruptcy in recent years. Hopefully we won't see others join this list any time soon.

Big Brands Closing Locations in 2024

Here is a look at some of our favorite big brands that will be closing locations in an effort to stop losing money at stores that are underperforming.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins