One of the things that I really like about all of the breweries popping up everywhere is the fact that they aren't just for adults, and it isn't just for the beer.  Of course, the beer is always there, but there are so many other events that many of the breweries will have at their establishments.  And usually those events are family friendly.

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This particular event is happening at Bad Habit Brewing in St. Joseph.  It's a kids event, and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun for the littles.

If you have kids or grandkids that love root beer floats, yard games, popcorn, pizza and just a lot of fun, this event is definitely for them... and you!

Bad Habit's Facebook page has this listed as it's description, and it's fun for everyone!

Officially, the event will happen on Monday, June 17th from 4 to 8pm.
During the summer, we all try to get in as many activities as we can that can involve family and friends.  The weekends fill up very quickly, so when events like this happen during the week, it's a great excuse to get out, bring the family and have some fun.
Bad Habit Brewing is located in St. Joseph on College Avenue.

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