I'm almost nine months pregnant, and on top of your normal everyday pregnancy struggles I found that I've developed one very annoying habit.

I've never had a problem with snoring in my life...but, for whatever reason for the last few weeks I've been snoring like a bear in hibernation. It's driving my husband absolutely crazy because it wakes him up all night.

At first, when he told me that I had a snoring problem I didn't believe him. I accused him of making it up because I've never had a problem with it in my life. Well, last night he decided to use his cell phone to capture the audio...not only do I believe him now but I'm kind of shocked that I snore as loud as I do and have never been woken up by it.

I'm worried that this new development will never go away! I can add snoring to my laundry list of pregnancy struggles.

To all of my mom's out there, did you snore like a bear during pregnancy? If you did, did it ever go away once you had your baby?


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