This story comes from The "National Enquirer" so like normal, take it for what it's worth.

Back in the day, Kim's original plans to be a mom was to have a surrogate so she could keep her figure. The same figure that basically made her famous, if you don't include the adult video. Well now she has changed her mind after her romantic trip to Ital with Kanye West.

"All I want now is to be Kanye's wife and the mother of his babies. I don't care WHAT it does to my figure!"

I don't think the world is ready for them to reproduce yet. I bet there will be a reality show about it though if it happens soon!

Granted, I am not a mother myself, but isn't motherhood a beautiful thing?! Having your body go through all the changes; bonding with your child for Nine Months. We see this a lot with celebrities. They don't want their body to go through the changes because they feel it will be ruined after child birth. I personally feel that every mom is amazing for going through childbirth. It's a beautiful thing. And from what I hear, worth every strechmark, middle of the night food runs, swollen ankles, and everything all that comes with being pregnant.

What was your favorite thing about being pregnant?

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