In case you forgot or it just slipped your mind, it's  Nude Recreation Week!  Our friends at Page Six say there's something about the  summer temps that makes Hollywood's hottest want to take it all off!

  • Jennifer Lopez - "I grew up walking 'round naked in my house. My mom was like that, and my sisters. My father worked nights and slept during the day, so we had no one to hide from.
  • Eva Longoria - Loves to play air hockey in the buff. The dishy Desperate Housewife explained that she and ex husband Tony Parker have a nudity penalty for whoever loses their air hockey games. "I had to run around the outside of the house naked," she said.
  • Tom Hanks - "When I'm in a hotel room, I strip down naked and walk around on the patio."
  • Colin Farrell - "I can be found in my apartment dancing naked."
  • Alyssa Milano -"I garden topless. I'll be in my garden, you know, just being natural."
  • Britney Spears - "My family, we walked around the house naked. By the time I was 13, my dad was like, 'Uh, Britney, it's time to start covering yourself up."
  • Tom Mulhall with the Huffington Post has some great tips on how to celebrate Nude Recreation Week-Click Here