Did you know that dirty tires are considered to be a public nuance in Minnesota? Yep, now you know--they're banned in this state. But, how dirty are we talking? Like dirty from normal day driving or dirty from mudding?

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That's not the only weird law on the books in Minnesota. It's also illegal to stand around in any building if you don't have a good reason to be there. But, what constitutes a good reason? Maybe you're waiting for someone...or, maybe you're tired and need to stop and take a rest.

If you're tired, I guess you could go home and take a nap--but don't do it naked. It's illegal to sleep naked...so, don't tell anyone if you do. lol

The weird laws don't stop there. It's a misdemeanor to persuade someone to go to a massage therapist business after 11 p.m.  Don't even think about it! Are they even open that late though?

Oh, and in St. Cloud it's illegal to eat hamburgers on Sunday. What does Minnesota have against a good cheeseburger? Actually, I don't really like hamburger all that much so Minnesota can have this one.

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