A little back story, one of the headlights on my car burnt out over the weekend, and on my way back to St. Cloud from Long Prairie Sunday evening, I was pulled over in Rice for it. The State Patrol officer was really nice and just told me to get it fixed so I don't get pulled over again. But the whole thing got me wondering, could I get ticketed for having a headlight out? And based on the state Statutes and Rules list I found, the answer is yes.

MINNESOTA STATUTES - 169.60 - TRAFFIC PETTY MISDEMEANOR - High/Low Beams Required. Distribution of light from headlights - FINE AMOUNT including SURCHARGES - Amount Due for a Single Charge $ 118.00


So it looks like I need to get right on fixing that headlight. But while I was browsing this list, I came across something I never thought would ever be a petty misdemeanor, but here in our state, it is!

MINNESOTA STATUTES 154.28 CRIMINAL PETTY MISDEMEANOR Use of Barber Pole to Create Impression of Barber; Not License Barber - FINE AMOUNT including SURCHARGES - $ 128.00

I have a few questions about this. 1. Who did this to make it a criminal offense? 2. Who complained about a decorative barber pole so much they HAD to make it a criminal offense? 3. When was the last time a law enforcement officer had to write a ticket for this? If there is a police officer that would like to answer these questions for me, you can email me at abbey@mix949.com, I am genuinely curious about this! What weird laws do you know of in our state? Share them in the comments below!


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