I mean if you cover it in cheese it's kinda edible. A survey was done to find every state's favorite vegetable (who funded this?) and found that Minnesota's favorite matches 23 other state's favorites. The top veggie in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is broccoli. It's also the most popular vegetable in the country.  It came out on top in 24 of the 50 states.


I feel like broccoli is always something that gets made fun of for being gross. Disney made their character Disgust in the shape of broccoli! Yet it seems to be the countries favorite. Interesting. It really isn't that bad of a vegetable. It's really good in salads and covered in cheese. Minnesota actually doesn't have a state vegetable like other states do. The closest thing we have would be the state mushroom, which is the morel. Maybe broccoli is our secret state veggie!

(PR Newswire)