Wallet Hub recently ranked Minnesota among the best states for working dads. The website states that times are changing and so is the role men play in their children's lives. In the 1960's, 75 percent of families only relied on the income of the father. More than 60 percent of families today depend on two incomes.

The focus of the family has changed as well as the expectation of the father.

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They survey rated states based on a few key metrics such as; child care costs, states with the lowest percentage of kids living in poverty, etc.

Minnesota ranked highest in the categories of largest median family income, states that had the lowest male uninsured rate and highest men's life expectancy. The land of ten thousand lakes was ranked number one in two categories; economic and social well being, and health. Minnesota is second best in child care.

Overall, if you're a working dad, Minnesota is a great place to be! Hey, don't forget to celebrate your dad this weekend! Father's Day is Sunday!


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