People have a funny way of marking their territory when seating is scarce.

At parades, we lay a giant tarp over a large section of sidewalk to indicate that, at some point, we will be sitting here for the parade. Sure, the parade isn't for 48 hours, but we have marked our territory and it must be respected.

I remember at the Metrodome the upper-level outfield seats were 'general admission,' which was supposed to mean first come, first served. However, people would routinely show up when the gates opened, leave a newspaper sprawled across an entire row, then come back when the game started. This I did not respect.

We were at Cold Spring Hometown Pride Days on Saturday doing the waterslide/splash pad combo. The splash pad is awesome and includes a few shaded picnic tables for parents to relax on while supervising their kids.

Some of the taken tables were obvious with drying towels, backpacks and half-eaten lunches spread across them. There was one table where it wasn't so obvious, however.

Look at that. One pair of kids sandals. Has someone claimed this table or did someone just forget some shoes on their way to or from the splash pad?

In addition, would you respect this display of sneaker spot saving or would you sit there anyway? I'd feel bad taking a table that people are CLEARLY using but this one was kind of up in the air for me.

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