Technology can be great and really come in handy in emergencies, but is technology killing relationships? 

I am throwing a party and mailed out old fashioned invitations. I invited 30 people and nine are coming. I included my phone number so guests could pick up the phone and call to RSVP but apparently if we don't send out evites or put it on Facebook, it's just too much work for some people to RSVP, which begs the question: Is technology killing relationships?


Most people I know don't mind texting. It's a quick way to get a message across, especially if you're in a crowded place and won't be able to hear someone on the phone, but if we're going to have a conversation about something, shouldn't we pick up the phone? Isn't it much better to hear someone's voice? I once gave my number to my neighbor and all she did was send me text messages about random things. She would tell me what she was eating, what she wanted to eat and what she was watching on TV. Eventually I just told her if she wanted me to come over and watch a movie and that there was pizza she was pulling out of the oven, tell me. If she wanted to walk over to the DQ, tell me. I really liked her, but found it annoying that that was all she was texting was random useless information.

Premature Friending

Having a lot of friends is fine, but if you friend everyone you meet, you may end up regretting it. If you go out on a date with someone and you give them your last name, they may want to friend you right away, but if it doesn't work out, they may creep your profile, creep on your friends and stalk you on social media, so wait a while before you send the friend request. Don't get me wrong, social media is fun, but for some people that's all their life is about, so be careful.


Is your phone glued to your hand? Do you bring it into the bathroom, into the bedroom, and into the family room? Is it on the seat when your driving, on the table when you're eating and on your desk when you're working? Put down your phone. There are real three dimensional people around you and they're around you because they want to be around you. They want your conversation and humor so pay attention to them. Don't lose yourself in social media or online games. Nothing beats having someone curl up next to you and say "I love you" in your ear.