Kim Kardashian turns 32 on October 21st. What else can her boyfriend, Kanye West do to say "Happy Birthday, Baby" then throw her a Million Dollar birthday bash!

Yes, you only turn 32 once, but is it that big of a deal to where you need to have a party on a private island in the West Indies? That's what Kanye West is planning for his lover, apparently.

"Kim has been really down about turning 32 and having two failed marriages behind her and no children, so he wants to make this extra-special. Plus it's her first birthday since they've been together as a couple. Kanye has never been shy of splashing out on the women he loves, but this time he's pulling out all the stops with presents."

Did Kim just say she was learning to care more about the simple things in life? Yea, pretty sure she said that on "The View." There is video evidence. I guess she will start learning after her Birthday party!

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