When it comes to dogs pooping in someone's yard, the rules are clear: someone needs to pick that dog poop up and toss it out. But what about a dog peeing in a stranger's yard?

My family are new, first-time dog owners after getting a rescue pup from Ruff Start Rescue in Princeton. Snoop appears to be a mix of Dachshund and Chihuahua and whatever else and he's the best dog ever.

When we take our dog for a walk I try to make him hold off on going potty until we get to the park up the road. If he goes #2 I always bring a bag to clean it up, then we continue our walk.

The other day we stopped at the park, then continued our walk through the neighborhood. After a few blocks Snoop stopped to pee in the grass near the sidewalk. My wife was surprised that I 'let that happen,' and said that I would be mad if someone let their dog do that in our yard.

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I never really thought about it I guess. Obviously I wouldn't want a dog to poop in our yard without someone cleaning it up, but I can't really control where the dog pees can I?  My wife thinks I shouldn't allow him to roam in people's yards at all during our walks.

The concern would be any potential damage to the lawn from the pee itself, right? We do get some brown spots in our grass from the dog peeing in certain spots and I wouldn't want to purposely do that to someone else's lawn.

So, with all that being said, is it cool if my dog pees in your yard?

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