So there we were, sitting outside on the patio with the kids, when suddenly one of the kids cried out in pain. My first thought was that they were stung by a bee, but upon further inspection, she had been bitten by a tiny black bug that was barely visible to the naked eye.

Before long we were all just absolutely getting eaten alive and were forced to move the party inside despite the beautiful day happening outside. It was wild- these bugs are tiny but they packed a really painful bite!

It turns out these biting black beasts are known as Minute Pirate Bugs. They can be as small as 1/12th of an inch as adults or as big as about 1/5th of an inch. They are tiny!

According to the University of Minnesota, Minute Pirate Bugs live in trees, buildings or other protected areas during the winter before feeding on flowers and insects throughout the summer.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

When cooler temperatures hit and those food sources become scarce, the pirate bugs turn to chomping on human flesh.

Unfortunately, most bug sprays and pesticides will not help you in your fight against these itty-bitty biters. The U of MN says the best way to avoid Minute Pirate Bugs is to work outside on cool, cloudy days or later in the day when the sun begins to go down.


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