In a hilarious new video, six Irish men and women try four different Minnesota craft beers sent to them by Minnesotans.

Perhaps the only thing more entertaining than drinking local craft beer for yourself is watching other people -- particularly foreigners -- try the beer you know and love.

In recent episode from The TRY Channel, six Irish men and women try four beers from some of Minnesota's finest craft breweries.

"We got sent a lovely selection of craft beers from the mellow midwestern state of Minnesota!" reads the video's caption. "So, we gave them to our TRYers to see what they thought and they were surprised to see the percentage of alcohol in some of them!"

The first beer they try is a 14 ESB Amber Lager from Bent Paddle Brewing Co. in Duluth.

"Bent that, like, a euphemism?" one woman jokes before opening the can.

"It's like a mouthful of pennies," comments one TRYer who goes by the name Irish Jesus, presumably not a praise of the beer.

The second beer they try is Minneapolis-based Modist Brewing's Dreamyard IPA which makes a great first impression with its well-designed can.

"That is a groovy can, isn't it!"

At 7.1% ABV, it earns additional praise for it's smooth taste and high alcohol content.

"You're tricking yourself! Like, I would not know I'm downing 7.1 percent there! That's dangerous!"

The third beer is another Modist beer -- First Call Cold Press Coffee Lager which again earns praise for its "lovely-looking" can.

"I would buy these to collect the cans," Irish Jesus comments.

As far as taste, it wasn't nearly as well received as its predecessor.

"It's just, you need to drink it very slowly..." says TRYer Niamh.

"...which is anathema to me," finishes Brian, the most critical of the group.

The fourth and final beer is a bottle of Scotch Ale from Hammerheart Brewing in Lino Lakes.

"That is one you want in a brown paper bag, just carry around all day!"

"They like death metal, anyway, would you just look at the logo?"

At 13.4% ABV, the alcohol content higher than Modist's Dreamyard hilariously shocks everyone.

"I find it difficult to drink, kinda got, like, a shiver..."

Watch and enjoy the full 8-minute video for yourself below; apologies for the language!

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