It's sort of an unspoken rule that if you're at a baseball game and get into a race for a foul ball with a kid, let the kid win.

Apparently, one Iowa State fan didn't get the memo.

Over the weekend, the Minnesota Gophers men's baseball team played Ohio State at the Big Ten baseball tournament in Omaha, Nebraska.

A foul ball was hit, and -- in a video that's since gone viral -- an adult Iowa State fan (why was he at a Minnesota vs. Ohio State game, anyway?) snatches the ball up just seconds before a young Ohio State fan gets to it.

As the kid walks away, shoulders slumped with disappointment, the grown man raises his hands triumphantly over his head, apparently thrilled at robbing a kid of a foul ball.

The sports commentators put it best: "That guy is about to get roasted in social media."

Yes, yes he is.

As it turns out, though, the kid may have gotten the better end of the deal. Not only did Ohio State beat the Gophers, but a photo shared by Ohio State Baseball shows the same kid with a ball of his own signed by the entire Ohio State team!

Lesson here? Always give the ball to the nearest kid.


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