Every time I fly, the biggest nightmare can be making sure to look out for my luggage on the carousel at the airport. I no longer have to worry because of this brilliant idea!

No joke. My wife and I came back from Los Angeles to Minneapolis a couple months ago, where I could have sworn our luggage was taken or lost. Turns out we didn't see it among all the other luggage that looked just like it. After it finally stood out as one of the last cases on the carousel, I could breath again. I knew there had to be a way to make your luggage stand out.

The search is over! The "Head Case" luggage cover is my chosen solution. You upload a photo, they make the luggage cover, and it stretches over your suitcase to make sure there's NO question who it belongs to.

You could just tie a bright covered material around the handle to make it stand out, but this is so much more fun. Imagine standing in line to check your luggage and all the conversation that happens because of it!

The price is a little steep, but totally worth it to me. Starting at $26 for your carry-on bag, and a little more for larger bags.

I'm going to do this sooner than later, as I think this fad will take off quickly and everybody will have a luggage cover at the airport. Come to think of it, if everybody has one and I don't...my luggage will be the easiest to spot at the baggage claim!

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