Not all pop stars date other pop stars! The boys of One Direction have an open mind.

If you want to date one of the guys from One Direction, you need to watch what you say on Twitter. Why? Apparently the guys will stalk you via Twitter you before they decide if you're relationship material.

Niall Horan's brother Greg says,

"They test out girls to make sure they are trustworthy. [Niall] will follow you on Twitter for a while and suss you out, make sure you're genuine . . . then go for it."

I could not imagine trying to keep up with how many fans want a date with someone from One Direction. I use Twitter about once a week and can't keep up with the few followers I have. Do they really have that much time to do the research on their possible girlfriend?

One last final piece of advice:

"Watch what you're saying on Twitter.  Make sure you're coming across as genuine."

Hope they can find a true genuine, not one that is faking it just to have a chance. I may be a little too old now to date someone in a boy band but,  I always wanted a date with Justin Timberlake back in the day. Now days I concentrate all my energy on Adam Levine!

Who's your secret boy band crush?

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