If you could live in any St. Cloud building, what would it be? The rules are that you live there but the building remains business as usual throughout the hours they are open.

The most obvious choice is the Crossroads Mall. However, I am going to be a stickler and make things more interesting by declaring the mall part of Waite Park and therefore ineligible for this list.

I am looking for a few specific things in my new residence. I need a good source of food/drink, I need there to be somewhere reasonably comfortable to sleep and I need at least a little down time where no one is around but me.

The first choice that popped into my head (besides the mall of course) was the campus of St. Cloud State University. According to my very much recently made up rules, I have to narrow it down to a single building, so I chose Atwood Memorial Center. They have restaurants, a convenience store, a movie theater and some decently comfy benches for me to curl up on at night.

Wal-Mart would also be a good choice but it is open 24 hours a day and it's just way too bright in there. Target is another good one (they actually close at some point) but it just seems like too easy an answer.

So where would you stay in St. Cloud if you could choose any business?

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