Have you ever wanted to live in a tree right by the mighty Mississippi River? Well, you are in luck as Riverside Park's iconic Elf House is set to hit the market in September.

The home is currently owned by former Elf on a Shelf Mr. McDoodles. He says that with his little elves moving out of the house, he and his wife Scooty are ready to downsize to a one-level stump in Sartell.

"Well, two of my kids got jobs at Keebler and the other two are heading to the North Pole when the factories open back up in October," McDoodles said recently while whittling a stick outside his home. "Plus, climbing up all those branches to use the restroom in the middle of the night is just too much to ask at my age."

McDoodles, who wouldn't give his age but implied he has been occupying that tree since before St. Cloud had any human settlers, hopes that whoever buys his home will continue to update it over time.

"I added a really neat stick pile by the front door a few hundred years ago, put a sweet new doorknob on there in the 1960's... we tried to do some updates every generation or two," McDoodles said. "We rented out the place to a few leprechauns on AirBNB a few years ago and they left us a pretty awesome shamrock above the door.

"Only gave us a three-star review though... I guess they were expecting a pot of gold or something," McDoodles lamented.

The home is expected to be offered by Elfin Realty agent Hermey, who recently left the North Pole and his successful dentistry practice to sell real estate in Central Minnesota.

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