What. Even. Happened.

Saturday night my boyfriend Cory and I had tickets to go see JLo perform at the Armory for Super Saturday Night and we were excited, but we weren't expecting the concert experience of a lifetime! We were given the tickets as a gift, so we didn't really know what to expect seating wise, we just knew they came with free food and drinks. We arrived to the venue right when the doors opened and went to the first bar we saw to take advantage of our free drinks. That's when things got crazy.


The bar tender looked at our wristbands and told us we were VIP and had to go to a different bar to get drinks. She sent us to the elevator, where the elevator operator had no idea what our "special" wristbands included. So we rode the elevator for 10 minutes while she figured it out, and we were eventually dropped off on the concert floor of The Armory, where JLo's sound check was still going on! Not only did we get to watch that, we were also in that area almost 2 hours before anyone else was even let through the doors.

As a result we ended up being right by the stage for the show, and just feet from JLo's VIP area where Shaq, Derek Hough, A-Rod, and other celebrities were spending their evening! It's definitely an experience we won't forget!

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