Whoever came up with the idea of throwing various foods into a blender and calling it a "smoothie" deserves a Nobel prize. (The Raspberry Anti-Cancer Smoothie over at Jane's Healthy Kitchen deserves a nomination!) Seriously, smoothies are a brilliant idea! I’ve been on a smoothie kick recently, and I discovered something about myself -- if you were to put a bowl of yogurt, a banana, half a rotting pear, some pineapple, ice and a glass of milk in front of me, I might pick through it. I’d certainly convince myself I was too full to finish it all. But -- you throw it all in a blender and hand it to me as a smoothie -- I could eat fruits and vegetables all day every day! Even I've begun to wonder what's gotten into me!

So let me share some of my favorite recipes with you. (I'm expecting yours in return!)

Alright, your turn to share! (I might even nominate you for a Nobel prize if it's really good!)

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