I think the universe is telling my wife and me that we need to get a puppy.

Katie and I have had pretty awful puppy fever for quite some time now. Maybe it's the dog days of summer upon us, but puppies seem to be coming up in conversation more frequently, and the people around us seem to be adding to their family -- if not two-legged kids then furry, four-legged ones.

Over the weekend, we visited some friends at their new apartment. They just got a Golden Retriever puppy about a month ago, and she's the cutest thing in the world!

Then -- also over the weekend -- some friends from church found a litter of puppies going on Facebook market and made an impulsive decision to expand their family by one more!

I think it's inevitable that a puppy or dog is in our near future. Thing is, I don't actually know where to start!

I've never had a pet before aside from something you could get from a pet store or Walmart.

Know any animal/rescue shelters or breeders you'd suggest or recommend?

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