The summer before my sophomore year of high school, mom said "it's time to get a job if you want a car"... So, that's what had to happen and I'll never forget my first job at the local Dairy Queen .

I guess I could say that I won't forget my first two jobs, since I worked two that summer. First DQ gave the call and next, for the summer only, at Edgewood Lumber, stacking lumber on hot summer days.

The lumber yard put some "real money" in my pocket for the next two summers and paid for my first car, a 1996 Chevy Caviler. Don't be jealous, but the "black beauty" was a two-door, with power locks, manually windows and one smooth ride.

I lasted at DQ, for a while, until a few months left in my senior year of school. Started out making $6.25 an hour, by the end of fast food days, I was banking $8.50 an hour and a "shift leader"... that's right, somebody trusted me with their business enough to run it when they weren't there.

Hey, it's still standing today.

Do you remember how much you made at your first job?

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