Every year it's the same story: I convince myself I am going to put up the Christmas lights early, before the weather turns the trip up onto the roof into a cold, windy and wet death trap. And, like clockwork, I am up there two weeks before Christmas when it is 19 degrees outside and I work under the constant threat of plummeting to an early demise.

After looking at the upcoming weather forecast, I put on my big-boy pants and hauled my butt up to the roof on Tuesday to put on the lights. I gotta be honest when the weather is nice it's way less nerve-wracking to be up there. Was kind of nice, really.

Sure, I put the lights on backward the first time and spent another hour on the roof re-doing the entire thing, but let's not bring up old stuff.

My question now is whether or not it would be considered tacky to light those bad boys up beginning now, on November 10th? I already did all the work to put them up there, why should they be hidden in a shroud of darkness?

The opinion in the office is pretty evenly split with some saying to turn them on to spread some holiday cheer and others imploring me to slow down and enjoy Thanksgiving.

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