You can actually see on this chart where my boyfriend's heart started to break over the Vikings loss to the Eagles. My boyfriend bleeds purple and gold, he has been a Vikings fan his entire life and I knew his heart rate would be through the roof watching the game yesterday, so I decided to monitor it with my Fitbit. For a male his age, his resting heart rate should be anywhere from 60 - 75 BPM. While watching the game, that was almost double spending most of his time around the 110 - 120 mark.


The black line in front of the second set of yellow peaks indicates the start of the game, and as you can see it spiked a bit when the Vikings scored the first touch down. After that it just tapers off. With every Eagles scoring play his heart rate would get lower and lower, until eventually you see it level out to just about 85 BPM. That is when he gave up all hope and took off the Fitbit. He took the loss well though, saying he'd rather us lose now than get to the Super Bowl and be humiliated by the Patriots.

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