On Tuesday, I made every green light on Division, from Lincoln Avenue all the way to 2nd Avenue North in Waite Park. During rush hour even!

To be honest, I'm not sure what I can even do with my life that would top this. I could jump out of an airplane and not feel the same rush.

It only took six minutes, from 5:35 to 5:41, to get all the way from East St. Cloud to Waite Park, a time previously only accomplished in the dreams of St. Cloud commuters.

Most of the time when I drive I end up getting at least SOME red lights. Not this time. The traffic gods shone upon my Honda Civic and blessed me with nothing but greenies (that's what I am calling them now).

As I drove by the cross-streets, I saw the looks on the faces of folks waiting at red lights.

Sad. Forlorn. Disappointed. Jealous.

Not me, I was floating on air as I was clearly anointed as the chosen one on this day.

25th Avenue? Green. 33rd? Green. Highway 15? Red. Psych! It was super green, may have been the greenest greenie I saw during the entire divine event.

Does this make me better than most people? Probably, but I won't hold it against all the red-lighters out there who just aren't as exalted in the semaphore department.

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