With Fall in full swing and Halloween fast approaching, homeowners are doing their part to contribute to the festive season.

One of my neighbors has a friendly scarecrow placed in front of the home. Another neighbor has a sign hanging from the door that reads "Drink up, witches." A third neighbor has a whole array of creepy figures and inflatables set up outside.

And then there are those who go all out, like this house on Broadway near downtown Monticello. I pass it every day on my way to and from work.

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

It's a little harder to appreciate the amount of decoration that's gone in with this lighting. I actually took the photos at dusk; my phone overcompensated the brightness. Still, you can see the various light-up pumpkins placed around the yard, ghosts, webbing, giant inflatable and -- my favorite piece -- the giant spider hung above the porch.

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

It's quite the scene at night when all the lights are on and inflatables are up. So far, Id' say it's the "best dressed" Halloween home I've seen where I live in Monticello.

Is there a "best dressed" home where you live? Snap a photo and email it to Adam@Mix949.com!