The craft brewery in downtown St. Cloud celebrates three years this Saturday, and they've got a heck of a party planned with yoga in the morning and live music throughout the day. But I think it's their new limited beer that's going to be the real belle of the ball.

I had an opportunity to sample both the Revolution III and special barrel-aged Revolution III in advance and was blow away! The Revolution III is a Russian Imperial Stout -- dark, rich and smooth with notes of chocolate and roasted barley. It's like a dessert. And yet, the barrel-aged Revolution III was better still. This one tasted just like the Revolution III but had an acute booziness from the barrel it aged in. If the Revolution III could somehow be made better, this is it. The limited availability adds to the appeal; it will only be sold in bottles two per person. This one's worth getting two bottles -- one to drink the next day and the other to save for a special occasion.


Watch my experience and full review in my episode of Adam Tries:

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