My wife Katie and I attended a Halloween party over the weekend.

One of the games played was Horror Movie Trivia. Neither Katie nor I watch horror movies, so we teamed up with a third friend to improve our chances of winning. We didn't. Of 20 questions, we got 6 right.

Still, it got us thinking -- there are a lot of scary movies we haven't seen that might be worth the watch. Might be. So we decided to watch a scary movie this weekend. It wasn't easy.

As we scrolled through Netflix, we kept finding excuses not to watch any given movie -- The Shining (1980) sounded too dark, The Conjuring (2013) sounded too supernatural, Seven (1995) sounded too gruesome. Nearly ready to give up on the whole scary movie idea, we stumbled on a 90's classic -- The Sixth Sense.

Though neither of us had ever seen the Bruce Willis film, we were familiar with it -- the line "I see dead people," is a popular one, and -- unfortunately -- someone had ruined the movie's twist for me years ago, so I knew what was coming. Still, it was fun to watch together and just thriller enough to be even be enjoyable. Afterwards, Katie even begged to watch another scary movie! We didn't, but if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

Do you do scary movies? What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?


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