I had a very rude awakening on Sunday morning. I logged in to my online bank account to check my balance. I realized there was a $259 charge that I didn't make for tickets to see Kevin Hart. My husband and I have separate bank accounts at separate banks. I knew it couldn't have been him. I noticed that the same $259 that was charged to my account was later refunded. It was still so suspicious so I decided to get to the bottom of it.

I immediately called my bank and found out that the charge was made by someone in Germany. Even though the money was back on my card, my bank said we needed to immediately shut down the account because someone clearly had access to my account that shouldn't.

Luckily, because I check my account pretty frequently, I caught the issue before it got any worse. It was the only charge that was made on my account--thank goodness!This is a great reminder to check your bank account and look over the charges you've made. It's easy to miss something big or small after Christmas season.

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