Last week I paid off my car after nearly six years of payments and didn't get so much as a 'thank you' from my credit union. I am a little offended by this lack of courtesy.

I would imagine that banks and credit unions are going through a tough time right now, with a lot of their customers understandably unable to pay their bills due to the pandemic.

Due to my terrible credit at the time I applied for my loan, I was stuck with a very high interest rate and huge monthly payment that I probably shouldn't have agreed to in hindsight. So, for the last five years I made sacrifices and paid the bill on time every month.

For being such a good customer, I feel like I should get a thanks from the CU. My wife thinks that it is the dumbest thing she has ever heard and says I am lucky that they even approved me for the loan in the first place.

What do you think? Should I hold my breath waiting for a thank you, or just accept the fact that that isn't the way it's done?

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