Ever since COVID hit in March, I have been trying to get (a little) healthier by going for a daily walk. It's been interesting to see everyone's reaction to crossing paths on the sidewalk.

I generally stick to the far-right side of the sidewalk, leaving plenty of room for someone on a bicycle or a fast jogger to get around me with little effort. However, I committed a cardinal COVID sin Monday afternoon.

As I walked through my neighborhood I was approached by one of those giant dogs that looks like a poodle on steroids. I am not good with dog breeds, I don't know what they are actually called.

It was growling at me and jumping up on me while a teenage girl in AirPods just kind of stood in the garage and watched it happen.

Full disclosure: I am not a dog person. That's not to say I dislike dogs- I do like them from afar- but a couple experiences I had as a kid make me very nervous around dogs.

I put my hands in the air and just kept slowly walking away. However, as I did that, I drifted onto the left side of the sidewalk without realizing it.

That's when it happened: I BUMPED INTO A WOMAN WHO WAS JOGGING! That's a major COVID foul. She was running in the opposite direction that I was headed, and I never looked up as I scaredly bravely cowered defended myself against this dog.

I half expected Dr. Fauci to parachute down from the sky to shame me and throw me in COVID jail.

She looked HORRIFIED. I think I at least ruined her day and it's possible her entire life was forever changed. Sure, I barely bumped her shoulder, but maybe that's one of the COVID hot spots!

I'm guessing I will be exiled from my neighborhood due to my negligence.

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