My wife sent me to Coborn's Thursday to pick up a few items for grilling dinner. Before I could leave the house, the list grew from brats and buns to include veggies, chicken nuggets, produce... basically a whole shopping trip.

As I filled up my cart, I saw the apple stand and decided to grab some apples. I thought I was just deciding between green or red apples... I didn't know there were brands and flavors beyond that.

I grabbed four huge apples and threw them into my cart. When I got to the self-checkout I couldn't find them on the screen so I asked for help. The employee took a tiny sticker off the apple and typed in the code. That's when I saw it...

$7.75!? For four apples?! Like, the little red things that grow on trees? Apples.

My first instinct was to ask the employee to take the apples off my tab and move on with my day, but I was too embarrassed. Sure, I might have to cancel my Netflix subscription to be able to afford these apples, but my pride is important too.

I don't understand how one apple can be more expensive than another? Do these apples grow up on more expensive trees in a more desirable part of the orchard, far away from the pesky Red Delicouses?

So anyway, next time you see me at the store and I am wearing potato sacks for shoes, now you know why.

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