Did you know? Today is National Bakery Day! A day where we can all celebrate all that is good with the tasty treats our Mom and Grandma used to make, and that many of us have enjoyed for years at our favorite hometown bakeries.

Mixin' It Up Gluten Free Bakery in Sauk Rapids is celebrating bringing us some delicious deals over the next few days.  With today being National Bakery Day, you can stop in anytime between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, and get 20% off any cake whether you want it this week or next year. It could be a wedding cake, a birthday cake, an Anniversary cake...it really doesn't matter! Think of the savings if you order a cake for all of your kids birthdays now,and have them made when you need them! You really can't beat that deal.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

On top of that, you can register both Friday and Saturday to win a year's worth of Mixin It Up delicious traditional fried donuts; hard to find these days, and still gluten free!

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Photo by Kelly Cordes


  • $1 Cupcakes
  • $1 Cookies
  • BUY 6 donuts get 6 free
  • 20% OFF Cake orders including any kind of cake: Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.
  • Register to win FREE donuts for a year!
Photo by Kelly Cordes


So why stop partying Friday when there is still plenty of weekend left to enjoy? If you'll stop by on Saturday between 10 - Noon, you'll be able to enjoy their fresh made cheese curds and mini donuts for sale, and you'll also still be able to register to win those free donuts for a year.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


Mixin It Up Gluten Free Bakery
106 2nd Ave. N
Sauk Rapids MN 56379

Call to place orders as well: 320.259.7105.


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