I’ve watched my fair share of HGTV over the years. More specifically, the home makeover type shows. When we owned our house in Colorado, my wife and I would watch them to get new ideas.

Then radio life did what it does, uproots you. So we sold our house and moved to a different market. Then we were doing that renting thing again for a while. So I stopped watching those types of shows.

That same radio life eventually brought me back home to Minnesota and after almost 2 years of renting, again, we finally bought a house. It's our “going to die in it” home. We love this house but we knew it needed updating. And this house as a lot of square footage, so it’s going to need MAJOR updating.

But that’s cool because we have a lot of time. And now I’m suddenly itching to watch those 'renovate your house' type of shows on HGTV again.

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Over the years, that little cable channel that could -- became the cable channel that did. Four years ago HGTV took over CNN as the third-largest cable channel in the country, and many of those watchers are Minnesotans.

Michigan Bulb Co. (they're a gardening company) did a data deep dive to see who's searching for what when it comes to home improvement or home buying type shows. So what’s the most searched HGTV show for Minnesotans?

credit: Michigan Bulb Co.
credit: Michigan Bulb Co.

Usually, these types of studies show more commonality between states. This one shows more variety than you typically see. Only one show had more than two states as its most-searched. And that was Fixer Upper.

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