With the holidays fast approaching, now is a good time to brush up on the proper technique for a "Long Minnesota Goodbye".

Step 1: Give the Warning - Something along the lines of "oh would you look at the time" or "well I think we might head out soon".

Step 2: The Statement - State that you really are leaving. Make it known that it is time to go.

Step 3: The First Hug - Hug everyone in eye sight.

Step 4: Walk to the Door - Conversation must continue at this point. It is vital.

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Step 5: Shoes and Second Hugs - Put on your shoes and hug everyone who came to the entry way with you.

Step 6: Quick Convo - Make one or two final pleasant statements as you put on your jacket. This is also where the host might offer food or beverage for your journey ahead.

Step 7: Exit - Hand on the doorknob! This is the signal to everyone else to toss in one last  "see you soon", "drive safe", or "watch for deer".

DO NOT FORGET ANYTHING! If you do, you have to go back inside and repeat steps 5-7.


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