Today is the big day we've all been looking forward to. Some of us more than others. This is a chance to view a full or partial eclipse, depending on what part of the country you live in. For those of us who chose NOT to travel to see the full eclipse, in central Minnesota we'll be seeing a partial eclipse. My message today is not about that, however.

Today I want to make sure you are thinking about your pet.


If you were planning on going out to view the eclipse today, weather permitting, you may want to consider leaving your pets at home, in the house. Just like with humans, should your dog or cat stare at the eclipse, they could also end up with blindness; but we can't tell them that right?

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Do pets look at the sun? an article in Time Magazine said that because of the darkness, pets may get disoriented with what's happening, so it might be best to leave them at home. They also said that animals don't naturally look at the sun, so don't try to put glasses on your dog; It's best to just not put them in a situation where they might glance up because they do take cues from humans, and if they are in a large gathering of people, it could provide a bit of anxiety for them as well.

To help your pets feel even more comfortable at home, you may want to draw the curtains shut, so they don't recognize what's happening outside at all.

The article also recommended that if you do end up bringing your dog with you to a gathering of folks who are planning on watching the partial or total eclipse, you make sure to keep your pet on a leash.


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