If there's one thing Minnesotans love, it's their space. Whether it's getting away from it all at the cabin or just buying a huge truck so people aren't sitting right on top of you.

Apparently this trend extends to the parking lot. Ever noticed how Minnesotans love to leave an extra parking spot between their car and the next one over?

We will happily skip the second-best spot in the lot to park near the back of the blacktop where we can get some of our beloved 'space.'

Sure, there are exceptions when parking at some crowded place (Target around Christmastime) or event (Summertime By George, Benton County Fair). But if there is some extra pavement available, we will take it.

Do we just love to swing our doors open wide and don't want to dent another car? Are we afraid of getting dinged ourselves? Or is it just a case of good old Minnesota nice, wanting to make sure we aren't crowding out our fellow Sotans?

Please note, this is not the same as the guy with the BMW taking up three spots in the back of the lot so no one dares park near his precious. That person is probably from Wisconsin.

This is more of "I will take the next spot available after the actual next spot available."  I personally do this all the time and I am not sure about its origin story.

Do you park like this when you go somewhere? Am I a nut for thinking this is purely a Minnesota thing?

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