Spring has sprung and Summer is just around the corner. It seemed like my whole neighborhood was busy this weekend doing yard work like mowing, weeding flower beds, panting, and fertilizing. That stuff is a lot of work! Here is the average calorie burn for different yard work! 


Mowing the Lawn (with a push mower): 77 calories for approximately 15 minutes

Raking or Digging: 56 calories for approximately 15 minutes

Planting Flowers or Weeding: 60 calories for approximately 15 minutes

Wheelbarrowing or Stacking Wood: 68 calories for approximately 15 minutes

Watering the lawn (standing): 9 calories for approximately 15 minutes


When it comes to watering, you might be better off setting up a sprinkler and watering yourself with a cold glass of lemonade! Happy gardening!




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