Well, that's the funny thing.  Usually it doesn't.  I have been trying my hand at raising a plant family for almost five years with little success.  The problem?  Me.  I over think everything and gardening is no different.

A couple years ago I researched and mixed up my own soil combinations, ordered fancy seeds online, bought planting lights and even raised the seedlings from scratch, BUT the minute I got them outdoors they began to die.

One year it was some weird mold that got into all my plants.  Another I found I was over watering my plants to death.  Then it was a hungry bug problem.


This year I chose to forgo all that craziness.  I'm trying a simple herb garden planter on my patio and I'm giving a couple smaller breed cherry tomato plants a go.

Any suggestions?  Have you had any luck with small hanging herb gardens?  Any tomato breeds you've found put up with our midwest weather?

Happy planting to you!