After all of the fried food on a stick, maybe it doesn't seem so strange the MN State Fair goes through 22-THOUSAND-Rolls of toilet paper a year!!!!!

The MN State Fair opens this Thursday (August 27, 2015) and runs through Labor Day. To get you ready for the day at the fair, here are some facts that you probably didn't know... let's be real... you didn't know any of these.

1.) If laying all the hot dogs end-to-end that are sold at the MN State Fair, there are over 35-miles of hot dogs sold.

2.) The American Dairy Association's All You Can Drink Milk concession will go through, approxmiately, 25-thousand-gallons of milk... FYI, the price has doubled for this year for a glass of all you can drink milk. It will now cost two-dollars, the first rise in price in 11-years.

3.) There are only two-thousand-seven-hundred employees working the second largest state fair in America (Texas has the largest, but Minnesota wins in the largest daily attendance category).

4.) There are more than 70 different types of food served on a stick (see why they go through 22-thousand rolls of toilet paper every year?)

5.) Christina Aguilera holds the record for the greatest overall attendance during a Grandstand performance, with 22,117 fans filling the seats.

Find out some more facts about the MN State Fair HERE and enjoy the fair this year from August 27-Labor Day.