We asked you to sound off yesterday on the Mix 94.9 Facebook page about lowering the legal drinking age. We got a ton of feedback, and the majority of you feel its fine at 21. Here's a couple of the comments we received over the last 24 hours.

@AndyJ: I think if we, as Americans, are worried about lowering the drinking age, we have our priorities in the wrong place. Let's just make marijuana and alcohol legal for everyone....SMDH!!!

@JamieF: Hell to DA naw... If u have to live in your parents house your to young to do anything.

@SebastianV: Why not, Where I'm from it used to be 16 but they upped it to 18. I think if in Age you are legally an "adult" you should be allowed to buy Alcohol too.

@CindyG: No! Think about when we were all 18, 19, 20. I'm sure the majority of us had a drink, some more then others. Absolutely not! I know I wasn't mature enough and my friends were not mature enough to help if anything were to happen.

@LauraK: No. I remember it being 19. (I wasn't old enough) There was the chance of kids still being in HS at that age. I get why it was raised. Although - to play the other hand- other countries the age is 16 and it isn't nearly as much of an issue as it is here.

@KrisF: Plenty of people can obtain alcohol regardless of age. But lowering the age would increase the risk of drunk driving. The younger you are, the more invincible you feel. I think that if it's lowered, 18/19/20 year olds will be more likely to hop in their car and ruin their driving records and endanger lives. Maybe make the 'drink at home with parents' after 18 legal. I know that some states have that.

@CarlenaJ: I'm on the fence about it. Overall I think no. But then again at the same time they are legally considered an adult at 18...so if we consider them adult enough to die for our country (military), vote, rent a place of their own, can sign legal documents, get married and etc...then why not lower it to 18. If they aren't responsible enough to handle alcohol...then maybe everything else that they can do at 18, should be pushed back to 21.

@HeidiC: I feel like if you're old enough to enlist in the military, fight for our country, go do tours overseas at the age of 18, what's the issue with having the drinking age be 18 or 19

@KevinSI'm a firm believer that in order to die for our freedom you need to be on adult!! Weather you consider 18 an adult or 21 I feel that to be an adult you should be given the right or privilege of anything any adult can have or do! The federal government says we can let our "adults" make the choice to die or be asked to do things most of us will never do much let alone think of doing at 18!! Why can't us as Americans see that! Is our society so messed up we see our 18 yea olds as immature yet?! Do we need to raise our children differently to make them responsible adults at 18? Back when the draft was implemented 18 was responsible..why is it not today? So if everyone thinks 18 is too young because our adults are children maybe our children that are adults shouldn't be allowed to enlist till 21. Maybe we should have that conversation with the govt?

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