As you all know, there are two seasons in the great state of Minnesota: winter and road construction. I-94 along with its cousins 694 and 494 are particularly bad this summer.

Coming up 494 from Plymouth the road splits into two paths, I-94 to St. Cloud or 694 to Brooklyn Park, etc. Only one of three lanes goes west to St. Cloud while two lanes support traffic heading east on 694.

So naturally there is a huge backup in the single lane headed to I-94 while the other two lanes are generally flowing freely.

The backup is mostly caused by impatient drivers who simply fly around the folks waiting patiently to merge onto I-94 before unceremoniously cutting them off just before the split, forcing everyone behind them to apply the brakes which starts a chain that seemingly goes on until the end of time.

It's important to note I am not talking about a zipper merge but rather a situation where the lane you need to be in is clearly marked for several miles.

I'll be honest and say when I sit in a lane for 25+ minutes waiting to get onto 94 I'm not exactly eager to let some guy in a giant SUV slide on over at the last second. It goes against how I try to carry myself in real life but I just can't forgive that level of selfishness.

I guess from my perspective I am hoping that making it difficult for them to get over they might reevaluate their tactics in the future but that is probably just wishful thinking.

What do you say central Minnesota? Do you try to be the bigger person and let them in, or does your road rage get the best of you?

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