Tough to complain about a few clouds today in Minnesota. The National Weather Service's latest (5:35 PM CT) Local Hurricane Statement for the Miami area is warning of Irma's expected impact -- and it should get everyone's attention. (Hint: It's not good.)

The language included in the update states that, "Residents should prepare for life threatening wind, structural damage to buildings with many washing away, and complete destruction of mobile homes.

Additional language states that, "locations may be uninhabitable for weeks or months."

National Weather Service

A Hurricane Watch and Storm Surge Watch is in effect across southern Florida, with Irma expected to reach the area late Saturday into Sunday morning. Hurricane Irma is currently the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.


But Wait, There's More

Hurricane Jose is just a couple of days behind Irma, basically following the same path as it tracks towards the Carribean.

National Weather Service

You can stay on top of the latest updates from the National Weather Service in Miami HERE. The Weather Channel (click here) is also a good source.

Evacuation orders have also been ordered for most of the 'Sunshine' State. Prayers and good thoughts to everyone in the path of the storm. Yikes!