Shoveling snow is just a cruel reality of winter in Minnesota.

For the clever few, shoveling can be creative and fun. But for the rest of us, it's a tedious, tiring, and time-consuming task. In fact, the video above sums it up perfectly.

In "The Five Stages of Shoveling," by Youtube channel You Betcha, a Midwest Busch Light drinker covers the five stages we all go through after -- or during -- a good Minnesota snowfall.

Stage 1: Pre-Shovel Optimism

"I'm excited," the guy grins as he puts on his snowveralls. "Go get a little fresh air, maybe say hi to the neighbors if they're out there, get a little exercise..."

Stage 2: Face Leaking Fluids

"Nose is starting to run," he notes as he spits a loogie and wipes his nose. "The wind is making my eyes water..."

Stage 3: Full Body Sweat

"I put way too many layers on," he moans as he stops to breath. "I'm starting to sweat...I"m sweating," he pants before taking his outer jacket off.

Stage 4: Slipping a Disk in Your Back

"My back is getting so sore!" the dude complains as he stands up and straightens out. "Oh, my back..." he moans again as he uses his foot to try to push and lift the shovel.

Stage 5: Complete and Utter Defeat

"Why do I live here?" he asks himself dejectedly. "This is the absolute worst."

Yup. The five stages of shoveling seem about right to me! Watch the full video above!


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