As a transplant from the Twin Cities, I have been exposed to a number of things I never knew existed until I moved to Central Minnesota. Tractor pulls, meat raffles... the list goes on and on.

Of all the awesome new (to me) experiences I have had since moving to the St. Cloud area, one of them is by far my favorite: the Joetown Rocks cake walk. Part gambling, part gluttony... it's amazing.

If you haven't tried this before the rules are pretty simple. Every round you 'buy' a paddle with a series of numbers on it. Then, the cakemaster (my term) spins a giant wheel and it lands on a number. If you have that number you win an entire, usually homemade, cake! What a time to be alive.

The getting of said paddles can be a bit cutthroat, as there is seemingly no limit to the number of paddles which can be acquired by an individual. I fail to see the sport in strong-arming a handful of paddles in order to win. I'd rather win as the Twins, a team with limited resources, than the Los Angeles Dodgers just buying championships through sheer brute force.

After two years with no Joetown Rocks, my cake craving is through the roof. Everyone is going to have to give me some space to inhale after I take home a frosted vanilla cake this weekend. Sorry not sorry.

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