Yesterday we asked Minnesota moms to get honest and real with us for a minute! We wanted to find out what they really want for Mother's Day. It's easy to say you want nothing, but then secretly expect your kids and spouse to do something! So, we've taken the mystery out of planning your Mother's Day gift. Here's what Minnesota moms said they actually want for their special day!


#1: Just spending time with the kids--23%

#2: A clean house--18%

#3: Something sentimental/homemade--13%

#4: A day off from being a mom--13%

#5: A special brunch or dinner--10%

Rest of the results

#6: Gift cards or money--7%

#7: Other--4%

#8: Flowers--3%

#9: Massage--3%

#10: Jewelry--2%

#11: Chocolates--2%

#12: Truly nothing--2%

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